Latest since I last posted

Wow!! It has been over a year since I have posted anything here for a while. I am now 13 years old and in 7th grade. I recently got braces!! I love them, and I love to have colors on my teeth! I have only had them for 3 months and my teeth are already looking more straight!!
 One of the biggest things that has happened to me since I last posted is that I have started pointe work in ballet! (pointe shoes are the shoes with the wooden bottom that you use to stand on your toes when you dance) The first time I got pointe shoes I had to go to Portland, and I had to get a picture with my pointe shoes in front of my favorite lighthouse. I love doing pointe even though it is quite hard. I need to get new shoes every couple months. I will be getting some this week sometime too!!

 The next biggest thing that has happened is that our family got a new dog!! We got him last summer so we have had him over a year. He is a Papillion, and his name is Chaucer but we call him Chaucy. He is a black and white toy dog, that is crazy, and energetic. He loves to get attention and play a lot. He also loves to sit right up next to us, but usually won't sit on us. :)

                                                     When he was a puppy :

Now, over a year old :


Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!

 I am so excited about Christmas!! There are only 5 days left until it too! I have made all kinds of crafts, wrapped all of my gifts, and my favorite thing, decorate my room! I always put up a pink Christmas tree in my room! This year I hung snowflakes, candy canes, penguins, and Christmas tree decorations all over my room too! Also it just snowed here!! We have not had much snow yet, but we got a few inches. I love when snow gets all over the trees!!

                                              Here are some pictures of my room!


 Merry Christmas!!    - Banalata

Summer activities!

   I am so happy that school ended because now I can play outside! A couple of things that I have done since school ended are hiking and swimming. I have also visited some lighthouses, and was able to climb to the top of some of them! I climbed Pemaquid Point Light, and Owls Head light, which are both in Maine. Here are some pictures of Pemaquid point that I took when I was a the top of the lighthouse!


                        These are the pictures of Owls Head light there are not a lot of pictures though. When I was there it was very foggy and the fog horn was blowing, so I was covering my ears so I was not able to take very much pictures.

I LOVE lighthouses and I have seen almost all of the lighthouses in Maine so I was very happy to be up in one!                       


Christmas 2011

 Time to take down my Christmas decorations on my window and mirror, but I am keeping my Christmas tree up! I am happy to go back to Ballet, and school again! I had two weeks of vacation, and I went to ballet today.I also went outside, and turned the little bit of snow we have, pink, blue, green, purple, and yellow with chalk!! It was a lot of fun being able to color snow! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family! Some of the things I got were and DVD, clip on earrings, magnets, dress up clothes, books, candy and cookies! At my grandparent's house, I got a lot of clothes, and hair stuff to go with it. I had a White Christmas, but the snow melted right after. I will try to get pictures in here soon!


Fall leaves!

Hi! Wow! I can not believe that summer is gone and fall is all ready here! I took a walk in the woods for some pictures of the fall leaves. Here are some pictures that I took with my digital camera!


More Cute Photos.

More cute pics. of Willow. 
sleeping in the box,

totally wiped out!!! Sleeping on me!


Two new kittens@ my house

Hi! it is boo again ! Do you know what??? Our Family got 2 new kittens! The first one we got was Willow! He looks so much like a willow! This is a picture of Willow playing with his crinkle fishey. I took this picture with my camera!
We have two other full grown cats in the up stairs, so we keep willow in mumma's bedroom before he can meet the other cats. But he gets very frisky and bites our fingers and toe and everything else too. We tried to color and he attacked the crayon in our hands! Mumma looked it up on the Internet and found out that it is because he is by his self with no other cat to play with. So the cat breeder drove two hours two our house so we could chose another kitten. his name is Poet he is so sweet! I love the,m both. I do not have any Pics of him by him self so I found one of him with Willow!! they are sleeping together I will try to write soon!