Pink snow bunny!

I have been having so much fun outside in the snow!I have been sledding,having snowball fights and pushing my siblings down the snowbank. It is a game we like to play at playtime.We like to make snowmen but one day we were going to make a snowman but we decided to make a snow bunny!Then after we made it we took a spray bottle,water and pink food coloring!We sprayed it on the bunny and turned it pink!!This is a picture of me spraying the snow bunny!It is a little blurry because mumma took this picture from our porch screen. Let it snow let it snow let it snow! I love winter!!!

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Penguins make me smile

This weeks post is about what makes me smile.This is Rosia, one of my favorite Stuffed penguins. I put a pink carnation with her because I love pink flowers. I think I first liked penguins when Daddy brought home a penguin from work named Linus.I loved him and played with him all the time.Then it continued when we went to Boston. We went to the aquarium. At the aquarium we saw live penguins! Daddy and I where watching them and guessing when they would jump into the water. Now I love penguins and my bed is full of stuffed penguins! Penguins are my favorite animal!

My sand dollar collection

I love the beach and things that go with it like shells and waves.The funny thing is I go to the beach in the summer but also year around!So that means I go in the freezing cold winter!
When I go to the beach we have contests.Who has the biggest sand dollar,who has the smallest sand dollar who has the whitest sand dollar and who has the blackest sand dollar.This is my sand dollar collection.My favorite sand dollar is the one on the right that is grayish.I like it because it has interesting design on it.I had more small ones but they broke.I also found four or five others but they where occupied which means that they still have a sea creature in it.
This is a giant sand dollar that Nana gave to me

This weeks subject

My Mom and I are blogging and we are going to blog about a different subject every week.This weeks word is new.

I love fresh sweet food and just feeling so excited before about a new sweet treat.

I love fresh new snow,new school books,fresh out of the oven food,a new day,and more!

Cat of the day

This is a picture of one of my cats named Bella.She is 2 years old and is a full grown cat.We found her with her sister and mother in my grandparents garage She has very very soft fur and has a white dot on the end of her tail.I like to pretand she dunked her tail in a white buket of paint.I love her!

I love crumpet

We have seven Pets but todays pet is a gerbil named Crumpet. He is white and furry,he likes to walk on me when we take them out of the cage,and he likes to tunnel in the shavings and climb on the chimney of the house and I Love to watch them.
Hi, My name is Boo.I am 9 years old and I am Very happy about having my first blog! I love the beach and things that go along with it.