My sand dollar collection

I love the beach and things that go with it like shells and waves.The funny thing is I go to the beach in the summer but also year around!So that means I go in the freezing cold winter!
When I go to the beach we have contests.Who has the biggest sand dollar,who has the smallest sand dollar who has the whitest sand dollar and who has the blackest sand dollar.This is my sand dollar collection.My favorite sand dollar is the one on the right that is grayish.I like it because it has interesting design on it.I had more small ones but they broke.I also found four or five others but they where occupied which means that they still have a sea creature in it.
This is a giant sand dollar that Nana gave to me


  1. I saw a silver sand dollar necklace!
    It is really cool!

  2. hi,

    Where do you get the sandollars at?
    Are they hard to find?

  3. I find my sanddollars at the beach.They can be rare in the summer because there are alot of peple to take them.The best time to find them is winter.Winter is a good time because there are not many peple in the winter because it is cold.You can find them too! they can be big and they can be small.