More Cute Photos.

More cute pics. of Willow. 
sleeping in the box,

totally wiped out!!! Sleeping on me!


Two new kittens@ my house

Hi! it is boo again ! Do you know what??? Our Family got 2 new kittens! The first one we got was Willow! He looks so much like a willow! This is a picture of Willow playing with his crinkle fishey. I took this picture with my camera!
We have two other full grown cats in the up stairs, so we keep willow in mumma's bedroom before he can meet the other cats. But he gets very frisky and bites our fingers and toe and everything else too. We tried to color and he attacked the crayon in our hands! Mumma looked it up on the Internet and found out that it is because he is by his self with no other cat to play with. So the cat breeder drove two hours two our house so we could chose another kitten. his name is Poet he is so sweet! I love the,m both. I do not have any Pics of him by him self so I found one of him with Willow!! they are sleeping together I will try to write soon!