Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!

 I am so excited about Christmas!! There are only 5 days left until it too! I have made all kinds of crafts, wrapped all of my gifts, and my favorite thing, decorate my room! I always put up a pink Christmas tree in my room! This year I hung snowflakes, candy canes, penguins, and Christmas tree decorations all over my room too! Also it just snowed here!! We have not had much snow yet, but we got a few inches. I love when snow gets all over the trees!!

                                              Here are some pictures of my room!


 Merry Christmas!!    - Banalata

Summer activities!

   I am so happy that school ended because now I can play outside! A couple of things that I have done since school ended are hiking and swimming. I have also visited some lighthouses, and was able to climb to the top of some of them! I climbed Pemaquid Point Light, and Owls Head light, which are both in Maine. Here are some pictures of Pemaquid point that I took when I was a the top of the lighthouse!


                        These are the pictures of Owls Head light there are not a lot of pictures though. When I was there it was very foggy and the fog horn was blowing, so I was covering my ears so I was not able to take very much pictures.

I LOVE lighthouses and I have seen almost all of the lighthouses in Maine so I was very happy to be up in one!                       


Christmas 2011

 Time to take down my Christmas decorations on my window and mirror, but I am keeping my Christmas tree up! I am happy to go back to Ballet, and school again! I had two weeks of vacation, and I went to ballet today.I also went outside, and turned the little bit of snow we have, pink, blue, green, purple, and yellow with chalk!! It was a lot of fun being able to color snow! I had a wonderful Christmas with my family! Some of the things I got were and DVD, clip on earrings, magnets, dress up clothes, books, candy and cookies! At my grandparent's house, I got a lot of clothes, and hair stuff to go with it. I had a White Christmas, but the snow melted right after. I will try to get pictures in here soon!