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Wow!! It has been over a year since I have posted anything here for a while. I am now 13 years old and in 7th grade. I recently got braces!! I love them, and I love to have colors on my teeth! I have only had them for 3 months and my teeth are already looking more straight!!
 One of the biggest things that has happened to me since I last posted is that I have started pointe work in ballet! (pointe shoes are the shoes with the wooden bottom that you use to stand on your toes when you dance) The first time I got pointe shoes I had to go to Portland, and I had to get a picture with my pointe shoes in front of my favorite lighthouse. I love doing pointe even though it is quite hard. I need to get new shoes every couple months. I will be getting some this week sometime too!!

 The next biggest thing that has happened is that our family got a new dog!! We got him last summer so we have had him over a year. He is a Papillion, and his name is Chaucer but we call him Chaucy. He is a black and white toy dog, that is crazy, and energetic. He loves to get attention and play a lot. He also loves to sit right up next to us, but usually won't sit on us. :)

                                                     When he was a puppy :

Now, over a year old :


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